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New scale organization of Azerbaijani diaspora began in Spain

President of the Congress of European Azerbaijanis (CEA) ,Sahil Gasimov held a meeting with the members of diaspora in Catalonia Autonomous Republic, Spain.

Report was informed in the Congress, the chairman of Azerbaijani Society in Barcelona, Kerim Karimov, informed about the diaspora activity in the region.

He noted that most members of the societies are young and they are active in promoting the truths of Azerbaijan in Spain. “Our organization supports the territorial integrity of Spain and is fighting steadily against the Armenian lobby, which wants to equate and describe parallel the Catalonia and Karabakh conflict.”

Speaking about the activeness of the Armenian lobby in Catalonia recently, Kerimov also noted that they have strengthened relations with local Spanish politicians. The membership of Azerbaijani Society in Barcelona to CEA was also discussed.

At the meeting, the sides discussed plans for launching a new scale organization of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Spain.

Sahil Gasimov then met with well-known Spanish lawyer Javier Medina Ortiz and his spouse Teresa Pinol in Barcelona to discuss their cooperation with the Azerbaijani diaspora. Expressing his special sympathy for Azerbaijan, Javier Ortiz said that he was interested to inform the world about the truth of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and Khojaly genocide.

The meeting also focused on strengthening cooperation with Spanish officials and politicians of CEA.


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