About us

image-logoThe “ the site operates as a media body of the public Association for the support of journalists to Diaspora activities (DFJD). The website, which provides media support to the Azerbaijani diaspora and is broadcast in three languages, includes news, interviews, reports, research and author’s articles. Based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality, the site brings to its readers innovations in the diaspora and other areas with a professional team of journalists.

image-logo-dfjd-enSupport of Journalists for the Diaspora Activities Public Union (SJDA) was established on January 1st, 2014 with the aim of increasing the attention and knowledge of the Azerbaijani media and readers to the issues of Diaspora. On February 16th 2018 the organization was registered (№1118-Q62-3561) to the Ministry of Justice. One of the main activities of the organization has been to establish strong relations with international journalists, media agencies, and international cultural organizations to raise awareness and knowledge about Azerbaijan’s rich history, culture and values.

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