The Uzbek journalist shared video about Karabakh


Sardorbek Rakhmankulov, a journalist with the Uzbek news portal, shared a video on Karabakh.  He shared: “The sad shots in the video were taken on November 22, 2021.

To our surprise, no new buildings were built in Karabakh during the 28-year occupation of Armenia.  On the contrary, the existing buildings: houses, markets, mosques, theaters, libraries, palaces of culture, schools and hospitals, and even the palace where the last khan of Karabakh, Mehtiquli Javanshir and his daughter Khurshidbonu Notavon lived, are in a very poor condition.

November 10, 2020.  Following the return of Shusha to Azerbaijan after the “44-day war”, work has begun today to restore the city to its former appearance”.


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