“Azerbaijan is one of the world’s centers of multiculturalism”


On January 25, an event dedicated to Azerbaijani multiculturalism took place at the Ukrainian-Azerbaijan Cultural and Business Center.

During the meeting, information about the concept of Azerbaijani multiculturalism was presented.

Najaf Ahmedov opened the event of the Head of the Congress of Azerbaijanis of the Dnipro region and talked about the projects for youth, as well as the activities of the CADO. Future projects and events have been announced.

Goncharuk Marina, a representative of the Baku International Center for Multiculturalism in Ukraine, talked about projects in which students will be able to learn more about Azerbaijani multiculturalism – these are lectures, options, as well as international 2nd school of multiculturalism in Baku. I
also taught the University a literature about Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani multiculturalism.

Candidate for philological sciences, dosent Gennady Onyshchenko in his speech noted the interest of students in the activities of the center of multiculturalism.

Head of the Department of Accounting and Audit of the NTU “Dneprovskaya Polytechnic”, professor, doctor of economic sciences Marina Pashkevich talked about the active participation of students in competitions for youth on Azerbaijani theme.

Students asked specific questions about Azerbaijani multiculturalism and the programs of the Center, and also talked about their activities within the framework of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani projects.



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