Summit for Global Peace


In May 2022, Baku hosted the World Peace Summit organized by the Global Peace Chain, which was attended by representatives of up to 35 countries.

Our attention was drawn to a girl from Georgia who asked a member of the Azerbaijani parliament about Russia’s involvement in the first and last war in Karabakh. It’s important that the representative of Georgia at the summit, Tamari Tolordava is a PHD student in the conflict analysis and management program at Tbilisi State University, and she works on the research project “The Impact of the Karabakh Conflict on Ethnic Azerbaijanis and Armenians living in Georgia”, which is funded by the Shota Rustaveli Science Foundation.
Tamari believes that this kind of projects will greatly help the youth of the region to follow the modern standards of education.
Summits organized by the Global Peace Chain are a unique opportunity for future generations to exchange knowledge and experience to build a better future. This organization gives future leaders a chance to get to know and establish contacts with the leaders of another countries so that they have a common vision for building a peaceful future.
Tamari Tolordava actively works with young people and believes that the development of the South Caucasus requires the maximum involvement of our countries in such projects. She believes that such summits and the relations initiated at these summits are the guarantor of peace for our countries.





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