Tahir Gasimov: And my son will continue to defend the homeland



The Gasimov dynasty is known to the Pavlodar police not by hearsay. Two generations in the ranks of the police, the head of the Gasimov family, Oruj Veli oglu, is a veteran of the internal affairs bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Having connected his life with law enforcement agencies, after graduating from the Special School for Training Commanding Staff of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1987, he was appointed first deputy commander of the special commandant’s office in the Amantogai district of the Turgai region (now Kostanay region). After the reform of the special commandant’s offices, he worked as an operative, and then until October 2010, until he took a well-deserved rest, he worked as a district inspector in the city of Kostanay.

– About 30 years of my father’s service did not leave me indifferent to the police service. After graduating from the Frunze secondary school, he entered the Chelyabinsk State University with a degree in law. Upon completion of which, in 2014, he received the officer rank of “police lieutenant” and was appointed to the position of district police inspector of the Ekibastuz City Administration, – says the successor of the dynasty, Tahir Gasimov.
Today, police captain Kasumov is respected not only among his colleagues, but also among the residents of the city.
– District police inspectors occupy a special place in the structure of internal affairs bodies. It is they who are entrusted with the work of preventing and suppressing offenses. Every day, we citizens turn to police officers on various issues, and the first person to respond to them is the district police officer. Police captain Tahir Gasimov is one of the best district police inspectors, his served administrative station No. 9 is located in the 31st microdistrict of the city of Ekibastuz, where 17,540 people live, 88 high-rise and 1,050 private houses, says Tatyana Nikolaeva, a resident of the city of Ekibastuz.
– Establishing close trusting relationships with people, as well as crime prevention is our main task. Appeals from residents of the microdistrict are very different, complaints about neighbors, family and household ones. Today, we, district police officers, have the right to carry out criminal proceedings, independently impose penalties on more than 50 elements of administrative offenses. This is very responsible, our competence also includes ensuring law and order on the site, road safety, control in the field of migration, protection of landscaping, the environment, control over the lifestyle of convicted, family brawlers, – says Tahir Gasimov.
For a conscientious attitude to the service, residents of the city repeatedly received gratitude to the district police officer Tahir Gasimov, he has diplomas and was awarded the Erligi Ushin medal.
“I have learned a lot from my father in my life. He has always been an example for me. Now my father lives in the city of Baku, the distance between us is many kilometers, but I respect his wisdom and love my father. By the way, today is his 60th birthday. Congratulations and best wishes to your father! I have a son, although he is still small, he already puts on my police cap with great pleasure. I hope that my son will continue our glorious police dynasty and, like us, will defend our Motherland, – said Tahir Oruj oglu.



Prepared by: Janargul Kadirova


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