The Arab Electronic Media Union issued a statement on the provocation of Armenia


The Arab Electronic Media Union, headquartered in Kuwait, issued a statement regarding the provocations committed by Armenia on the border with Azerbaijan.

AZERTAC reports that the text of the statement published in the Arab media reads: “The Arab Electronic Media Union reports that the armed forces of Armenia committed an act of sabotage on the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan. We strongly condemn the loss of innocent people as a result of the mining and shelling of Azerbaijani lands by the Armenian army, and we declare that Azerbaijan has the right to take necessary measures to ensure its security and protect civilians.
The Arab Electronic Media Union appeals to the international community, especially the UN Security Council, to take decisive measures against Armenia’s provocations in order to save the lives of innocent people.
The statement was signed by Faisal Khalifa Al-Sawvag, the chairman of the Arab Electronic Media Union.


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