“Forever in the heart of the people”


Today in the historical museum in the MOU SOSH 34 MNA Azerbaijanis ZAO city. Moscow held a solemn event dedicated to the 112th anniversary of the birth of the Guard General – Major of the Tank Troops, twice the hero of the Soviet Union Azi Aslanov “They Defended Moscow”.

The event was participated by Milayev Elena Alexandrovna, screenwriter, author of the documentary “Legends of the Army.” Azi Aslanov, Star TV channel
Selikhov Vladimir Alekseevich, head of the information department of the Moscow Committee of Veterans of War, chairman of the Council of Veterans of the 139th Archery Division.
Kazimov Ali Aliyevich Chairman of the National and Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis. Moscow Gasanov Vidadi Aslanovich.
The colonel is in the reserve. A person who has served more than 10 years in the main autobronitank control department Sadovnikov Mikhail Grigoryevich, author and director of the projects Legendary Maresyev, Honorable Citizen of the City of Labor Valor Bologoe.
Silina Irina Jafarovna, Rokhlina Maria Mikhailovna is a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Advisor of the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Russia Zaur Pashaev.
Representatives of youth and public organizations, diaspora activists. Deputy Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the WWI Azerbaijan, Colonel Jalil Khalilov.
President of the Azerbaijan Congress in Belarus, the well-deserved master of sports Natig Bagirov.
Chairman of the Public Association for supporting the activities of journalists in the diaspora, journalist Fuad Guseyinzadeh. Deputy principal of the school 228 named after Alheidar Kazymov, Saadat Gamidov.

“The victory of our peoples in the Great Patriotic War is common, as united as our Memory is”- said in his speech the Chairman of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Education and Science Azerbaijanis city Moscow.
We will note that today also the military patriotic museum opened a corner dedicated to the acts of our hero Azi
I am proud to announce on the initiative of the activists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, ZAO. Moscow and under the leadership of Ali Kazymov, a purposeful work is being carried out to consolidate in Russia the memory of the outstanding sons and daughters of the Azerbaijani people, who made an invaluable contribution to the victory in the Great Patriotic War. This is the organization of search works and re-burial of the remains of Azerbaijani soldiers during the Second World War and other actions and activities aimed at preserving the historical memory of the international victory over fascism and the contribution of Azerbaijan about the people in the liberation of the Fatherland from the occupiers. The plans are to continue the work of immortalizing the heroes of the WWII Azi Aslanov, Gafur Mamedov, Israfil Mamedov and others. Thanks to all present and organizers.


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