No one expected that at the beginning of the twentieth century, in the heart of civilized Europe, in a country where there was peace and tranquility, the word “refugee” would become so common that it would be perceived as one of the attributes of today’s life. But it happened here in the peaceful Ukraine.

If I had been asked about something like this a year ago, I would have laughed and at the best case scenario called the

interlocutor a joker, and thought to myself that this person is not all right in the head. Although there were reasons to ponder and recalling the events of the recent past, it should be said that the danger has always existed.

The word “refugee” came along with the war, taking literally every family, settling in every home. If we refer to the official definition of “refugees” and “refugees”, we will have the following characteristic: “Refugees are people who have left the country in which they have permanently resided, due to emergency circumstances. Refugee is a mass abandonment by the residents of their native places as a result of war or natural disasters. Frankly speaking, refugees should be all asylum seekers, forced to relocate to other parts of Ukraine, fleeing constant bombing and destruction. Russia has brought so much grief over these hundred plus days of war that no court in The Hague is able to repay the people of Ukraine and parts of it. We know that everybody’s different. However, there is that unrelenting majority that forms the mentality of the nation. This is also manifested among refugees. Often refugees who have arrived in Europe from other countries are outraged why the process of processing their documents takes months or even years, but for Ukrainians it takes place in a few days. And they receive a shocking response from a migration service officer: from the Middle East, as a rule, men arrive first and then pick up their families, while from Ukraine 95% of refugees are women and children, sometimes elderly, and men stayed in their homeland, ch to defend the country from the aggressor. And those who have arrived in their majority are not going to live on benefits, they are looking for and finding the
opportunity to work.
Refugees are a terrible word born in war.
However, there is confidence that it is not permanent in relation to Ukraine, because in the foreseeable future, and we all holyly believe in it, Victory awaits Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!

Jeyhun Kesemen


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